The following are our current products.

You may download a demo version of the software by following the download link next to the product header or purchase a license for your downloaded software. The demo version is restricted only in the number of cues that can exist in a cue list. It is otherwise fully functional. Once you purchase a licence you will receive the appropriate unlock codes which will remove the restrictions from the demo versions of the software.

Prices are in Pounds Sterling, although our payment system can also accept payments in Euros, US Dollars and Australian and New Zealand Dollars.

A GUI based theatre show control program

Please note that this software runs best under Windows NT4/2000/XP.

The latest version of Gtype for Windows with Audio Playback using DirectSound drivers.

Please note that this software only best under Windows 2000 upwards. It will not run on NT4 due to the version of DirectSound required.

Some free utilites can be found here including a System Exclusive Librarian program, a joystick to MIDI program for use with SFX and a SKT file editor for the D5T Mixer.

A PC computer changeover unit suitable for supporting two computers running show control software.