Free Utilities

The following are some free, hopefully useful, utilities. Use them at your own risk.

None of the various Sys Ex Librarian programs around seemed to do quite what I wanted and so here is another. It stores Midi Sys Ex dumps in the .syx format, i.e., merely a binary file containing the Midi string (s). It can load the file to memory and performs some limited analysis on its contents. For example, a full Yamaha O2R scene memory dump will be shown as the 96 individual messages with the appropriate memory number shown for each.

The file can be transmitted message by message or altogether by selecting appropriately.

A small utility to convert joystick events to midi notes. It can be used with SFX and the Midi-Yoke driver from Midi-Ox. Please pay attention to the licence conditions of the Midi-Yoke driver.

Connection diagrams for the IBM Joystick port can be found here.

A utility to edit the DiGiCo D5 T console socket file. If you don't know what on earth that means, then you probably don't need it!